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Katy & Vikki met at eBay Open 2017 where Katy received the eBay Shine Award and Vikki was making her presence known as a leader in the community with her signature pink hair. Soon after, they launched their YouTube channel where they weekly teach other sellers how to grow and succeed in their businesses.

Vikki has been selling on eBay for over 20 years, specializing in vintage clothing and hard goods. Katy has been selling for over 15 years, full-time as of 2016, her current focus being men's vintage streetwear. Combined, Vikki & Katy grossed over $300K in 2020 across seven different platforms.



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Entrepreneur/Community Leader

If it's red, she'll buy it. If it isn't nailed down, she'll sell it. If it has numbers, she'll spreadsheet it. If it's chocolate, she'll eat it. If she tells you to "shut up and list", she's saying she wants you succeed. And if she wants you to succeed, she'll be your biggest cheerleader. She's Theresa Cox.


Starting as a seller on eBay, Theresa has since expanded to several platforms, emerging as an innovator in the selling community. In 2017, she launched the BOSS - Business for Online Selling Success Facebook group, creating a positive space for like-minded small business owners to share knowledge and support each other.


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    Business Leader/Social Justice Advocate

    Dominique Hollins is the Founder and Connector-in-Chief of WĒ360 LLC, a boutique Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting firm that develops customized strategies for organizations that are committed to driving impact. With over 16 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and professional advocates, Dominique has become adept at community building for collective impact. Her expertise spans the technology and financial services industries including business operations, product and program development, brand engagement, data analysis, partnerships, community development, small business advocacy, tech entrepreneurship, and DEI planning and development.




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    Ryan & Alli are a husband and wife reselling team out of Florida. They started their business in 2015 by flipping stuff from garage sales. In the last 6 years they have grown their business into a 7-figure company with a focus on eBay, Instagram, Amazon & wholesale.

    They also have a YouTube channel with 180,000 subscribers and Instagram with 56,000 followers where they document their journey and teach people how to grow their online businesses. Ryan & Alli have a passion for helping others succeed in reselling while making sure to still have fun and enjoy the journey. They love to travel and have been to 15+ countries together.

    Buy. Sell. Travel is the motto they live by.




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    Brad & Jon Anthony are a reselling couple based in Florida . They started their career in fashion with having owned a chain of award winning men’s luxury clothing stores. In 2015, they began their next journey of reselling on Poshmark . With a primary focus on preowned luxury goods with a mix of retail arbitrage, they quickly obtained success on the Poshmark app . They are passionate about sharing knowledge with fellow resellers to aide in the growth of the overall community. They are the founders of Virtual Reseller Symposium, Virtual Reseller Lecture Series, The Posh Club English & Spanish Versions & Virtual Reseller Happy Hour . In the last 4 years they have traveled to over 50 cities across the country attending reseller events to speak and share their knowledge. They have continued to expand to multi platform selling .With millions of dollars in sales during their retail & reselling careers they are eager to share their story with everyone.



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    Mark Tew is a CPA who specializes in helping resellers optimize their taxes and profitability. After deciding that becoming a professional skateboarder wasn't in the cards, he created Not Your Dad's CPA. He has helped thousands of resellers save money and attain peace of mind about taxes. He also runs his own reselling side business, so he knows a thing or two about how to navigate the tax and accounting side of ecommerce. Mark enjoys Mexican food, movies, volleyball, and hanging out with his family.





    Seller/Community Leader

    Trish's journey to eBay was an unusual one. When working in construction for 15 years, selling fashion online was not even a thought, but then an opportunity arose to buy an established women’s consignment shop. That turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. For four years she tried desperately to make it work and when it didn’t, Trish turned to eBay in a last ditch effort to bring in money to pay the rent. This one decision turned into a viable business that she didn’t even know was available to her. eBay gave Trish the ability to take a failing business and turn it into a six-figure viable, profitable and workable business. Trish is an expert in speaking the local Boston language which makes her invaluable as co-lead of the Wicked Smart eBay New England Sellers Group.


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    Casey has been reselling since the summer of 2006 when he moved to Florida after living outside of Baltimore his entire life. He started on craigslist before there was even a "for sale" section, flipping small electronics, bikes, and toys for small profits to build his capital. In 2008 he discovered eBay and started selling online to maximize profits and grow his business. Casey expanded to Amazon in 2013, Poshmark in 2018, and Shopify in 2019. He has millions of dollars in sales, multiple six figure profits per year and a YouTube channel that follows his reselling business climbing to 112,000+ subscribers. Casey also runs a reselling Facebook group of over 120,000 members, an Instagram channel with 30,000+ followers and several other platforms that get millions of unique views a year & provide several other streams of income for his business.




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    The simple task of changing your mind or an idea after many years of one repetitive process should be considered a human super power. After working corporate for 11+ years with the mindset of retiring happily, Wade's mind changed with one random thought of entrepreneurship and with that, a new hero was born, Wades Ventures, an online business that allowed more time to enjoy life with what counts most family, friends, and more importantly, like-minded business owners.

    Now Wade has a purpose, a goal, and a vision. It’s time to build his dream. Along with branding himself on social media, Wade learned the craft of marketing, inspiring, and influencing. Making connections to help other business owners and himself through this journey is what Wade loves about having his own online business. Living life on his terms.



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    Sydney started reselling back in 2014 while pursuing a Biology degree at the University of South Carolina. After discovering the Poshmark app on a morning news show, she listed her first item, which sold overnight.

    Sydney combined her love of fashion, along with years of retail experience, to launch her own reselling business. She has since expanded onto eBay and Mercari. Sydney shares her retail knowledge & reselling strategies on her YouTube channel to help others start their own businesses, and is the founder of the PoshBoss HQ Facebook group.




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    When Starr became disabled from a work injury in 2017 rendering her unable to work outside of the home, she decided to join her life partner in business. She went full time on Keith's small eBay business with her go-to attitude and the two quickly grew the small eBay store into their own empire.

    Keith and Starr are both full-time resellers on eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari and run a successful wholesale business. Starr is the voice of the team on social media on their YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook group.

    Starr focuses on teaching others how to resell in her videos and delivers her reality checks about being a small business owner with her trademark tough love. With a heavy focus on flipping plush, Starr wears her title "The Plushie Queen" with pride.



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    Laurie Ann Wong is one of the most prominent evangelists for eBay for Charity. Laurie founded Reflections of Trinity in 2003 as a resource center for those in crisis and opened their eBay store in 2005 as a direct seller to fund their charity. What began as a small supplement to their brick and mortar thrift store now provides a healthy 6 figure income for their community food pantry. eBay revenue generates funding to purchase food that feeds over 5,000 individuals each month and has supported the growth of Reflections of Trinity as the 2nd largest community food pantry in a tri-county area in Georgia.

    A loyal eBay seller for 16 years, she is passionate about "selling for a cause" -teaching sellers how they can donate a portion of their sales to fund their favorite charity and receive reduced eBay fees for their generosity. Laurie is a proud mom of 6 & nana to 10.




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    Looking to make a change, Barry started selling random hard goods on eBay in 2017. In 2018 he dove into YouTube and soaked up knowledge about streetwear from channels such as Paul Cantu and Round Two before finding Katy & Vikki where Barry first learned about single stitch tees. Showing no fear, Barry jumped into the fast-moving Instagram vintage scene, quickly making a name for himself with his prolific hauls and signature look. The competitive nature of videogame sourcing in Barry's early days as a seller set him up with the unique skills needed to aggressively pursue vintage treasure at a time when t-shirts are one of the hottest categories in the reselling game. Not to be understated is Barry's ability to network and build relationships, bringing people together in business and friendship. He is the ultimate motivator and seller's seller.



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    Co-Owners/Streetwear Sellers

    Jesse & Austin started helping their mother, Michele, with her eBay business when they were only six and four years old. By age 12, Jesse already had his own eBay store, beginning the groundwork of what was to come. The brothers joined forces and in 2016, Jesse & Austin hosted their first pop up, selling current and vintage streetwear. Yesterday's Fits, their brick and mortar shop, opened its doors in Las Vegas in 2017 and the rest is history. Jesse is an old soul with a love for vintage while Austin brings balance with his expertise in current streetwear trends. Now 25 and 23, Jesse & Austin have built an Instagram following of 35k, sell in their shop and on five online platforms, have formed partnerships with multi-million dollar brands, and each bought their first houses in the last year.




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    Co-CEO & Founder

    Clara has always had a passion for selling for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in Argentina, Clara’s first “flip” was selling candy for a small profit in elementary and middle school. Clara’s passion was put on hold as she earned her law degree and became a practicing lawyer, but the constant economical instability in Argentina encouraged Clara to explore the world. During her time in the USA, Clara was forced to sell her most prized possessions – vintage clothing and jewelry inherited from her recently deceased mom. It broke her heart but awakened her passion for selling once again. When Amanda and Clara met and bonded over their shared love for selling, they quickly became a dynamic duo – sourcing the best inventory far and wide for their website and marketplace profiles. When Clara’s arthritis threatened her ability to bear the tedious listing process, Amanda and Clara knew they had to make a faster and easier way to crosspost... and just like that List Perfectly was born.



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    Co-CEO & Founder

    Amanda Morse has always seen challenges as opportunities. So when it came to creating List Perfectly, Amanda did what she does best – she jumped in with both feet. Amanda’s career began by serving as a US Marine Reservist to help finance her education at the University of Michigan. True to her entrepreneurial spirit, at this same time Amanda was working 3 other jobs and leading as President of her student housing co-op. After college she dove into the corporate world and found herself longing for more. Determined to be her own boss she started a business that ultimately turned into reselling full time. When Amanda and Clara met and bonded over their shared passion for reselling they quickly became a dynamic duo, sourcing the best inventory far and wide for their website and marketplace profiles. When Clara’s arthritis threatened their ability to list products, Amanda taught herself to code and created the solution we now call List Perfectly.




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    Seller/Community Leader

    Selling has always been a part of Diane's life. It began with direct-selling and recruiting with Avon and Home Interiors & Gifts for over 28 years. With that knowledge and experience, she opened a successful retail shop which she ran for over 10 years. Then for five years, Diane ran an estate sale company. What do you do with all that knowledge and experience? You sell on eBay of course! You teach others to sell on eBay of course! Diane‘s vast knowledge of selling runs the gambit; everything from a lipstick to homemade craft items, artwork for the home to prized antiques. She has done it all!!! Sold it all, shipped it all and kept track of it all- since 1998! Diane has run a successful eBay store and since 2017 led the Wicked Smart eBay New England Sellers meetup group with Trish Glenn.


    eBay Manager

    Ryan Wilson has spent 17 years serving, developing, and advocating for individuals with physical, developmental, and mental disabilities. Marrying 15 years of eBay/e-commerce experience with a passion for helping others has led to over $2 million in revenue and a workforce made up of 70% visually impaired individuals. Revenue generated by eBay and recycling directly supports Individuals with Visual Impairments and contributes to each individual reaching their highest physical, social, intellectual, and economic potential. The mentioned accomplishment led The Blind Center of Nevada to be recognized by eBay executives at the 2019 eBay Open.

    Ryan is the father of twin girls and happens to be a twin himself, so they will not be getting away with any of the twin tricks. When Ryan is not working or selling on eBay, he is bouncing from karate, acting, dance, soccer, horseback riding, gymnastics, basketball, Girl Scouts, Spanish classes, reading and writing classes for his daughters. As a father, Ryan is dedicated to raising strong independent women, who hopefully one day will be future leaders in business and our community.





    Selling Team

    Shelley is currently a Sr Product Manager on eBay's Selling Team. She's been with eBay for over 9 years after a 12-year career with Yahoo!. At her eBay orientation she got very emotional (yes, cried) when they showed the video of sellers telling how eBay has impacted their lives. These were real families who sold on eBay to put a roof over their heads and food on the table. That was all she needed to know to tell her she was in the right place.

    While she sold here and there over the years, Shelley's "aha" moment with selling came when she bought 10 vintage cross stitch kits on Facebook for $15 and turned that into more than $300. A reseller was born and the thrill of the hunt for items to flip had her hooked. She knew she was all in when she had to buy shelving units for her office and garage to store her merchandise. Shelley still enjoys finding vintage cross stitch kits but has found her real love in reselling vintage Christmas items and knows she’s found her next career when she retires from eBay one day.



    eBay Community

    Sheila Dhake is an experienced Community Manager at eBay who currently works on strategies to bring together eBay enthusiasts in a peer-to-peer support Community. Community members can ask questions about their buying and selling experience, help one another, hear from eBay representatives and build a Community with others. Often times Community members build life-long connections and friendships. Sheila previously worked at Google managing and building award-winning Communities from the ground up.

    In her spare time, Sheila likes to travel, hike and cook. Her specialties include vegan and vegetarian dishes of all sorts of ethnic cuisines.




    CEO & Founder

    Will Seippel is the founder and CEO of WorthPoint, the world's largest resource for researching, valuing, buying and selling antiques, art and vintage collectibles. A lifelong collector and historian, he launched WorthPoint in 2007 after seeing a need for a single source of information to assist buyers and sellers while maintaining transparency and fairness in the secondary market. He has been recognized for
    creating a business that many consider an "industry disrupter."

    WorthPoint's host of resources includes its Worthopedia® Price Guide, giving subscribers access to 600 million prices realized and more than 2 billion images. Additional products include the industry's largest digitized reference Library, the WorthPoint Vault and a taxonomic Dictionary including more than 4,600 entries.




    Government Relations

    Sharon McBride has been a political and government relations professional for over 30 years. In her early career, she worked on presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial political campaigns, managing statewide campaigns in her home state of Texas.

    In 2003, Sharon joined the eBay D.C. office as a founding member of the Government Relations team. Over the years, Sharon has made eBay a global leader in digital and grasstops advocacy by inspiring eBay sellers to engage in public policy fights that will affect their small business. Her other global roles at eBay have included Legal & GR Operations, PAC Management and developing public-private partnerships to teach small businesses in underserved communities about ecommerce.

    In 2017, the Professional Women in Advocacy named Sharon the Veteran Practitioner of the Year. In 2019, she was awarded eBay’s Luminary Award for extraordinary service.


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    Las Vegas Seller

    Dana spent 16 years working as a waitress and then 15 doing administrative work before losing her job as manager of a wellness spa. Fate brought then acquaintances Dana and Vikki together as Dana was looking for work and Vikki was looking for an assistant for her eBay business in 2016. Dana was a quick study, soaking up all facets of reselling and vintage. Now friends as well as boss/employee, Vikki decided to bring Dana along to eBay Open 2017 where Dana truly caught the reselling bug. She realized she had outgrown her role and was eager to start her own business, inspired by the many other sellers she met at the event.

    Dana has now been selling on eBay for four years, expanding her business to five platforms, upgrading to a bigger home to handle her growing inventory, and cementing her place in the reseller community with her sassy Broadzilla brand @hausofroxx. With a self-proclaimed "passion for polyester", Dana focuses on women's and men's vintage as well as higher-end modern and trendy clothing. 


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    Las Vegas Seller

    Mike worked his entire life beginning at age of 12, in the construction industry doing carpentry and painting. In 2018 he suffered a work-related injury that rendered him unable to do the same work – the only career he’d ever known. He was left at home, unpaid, awaiting surgery, and his future was uncertain. While recovering from surgery his wife encouraged him to sell a rare pocket knife on eBay. With a fast turn around and instant payout, he was inspired to resell online for a living. He knew to grow into a business, he’d need to find ways to source inventory other than scouring the house and garage. He immersed himself in reseller videos to learn as much as he could.

    Today, Mike continues to grow his business selling hard goods, electronics, clothing, and tons of what he refers to as ‘tricky shippers’ on multiple platforms. He has become active on social media, handing out encouragement, tips, and advice to others. He likes to share his failures, as well as his successes, to help others benefit from his experiences.



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    Las Vegas Seller

    Danielle graduated from The Richard Stockton College of NJ with a BA in Psychology, with a few completed MBA courses. She worked for many years as an administrative assistant to several companies and while Danielle had no difficulty obtaining jobs, they never lasted long because working for others was not her thing. As a result she found herself constantly having to hustle to put food on the table for her daughter, pay bills for her family, and care for a sick mother. This led to many cutesy girl jobs that made a lot of money but never lasted or held her attention for long, as there was no future. Cutesy jobs lacked the ability to provide her with what she needed most, people with substance, with real dreams and goals. Danielle eventually found herself in Las Vegas where through mutual friends she met Victoria, whom from the moment she met was fun, friendly, hilarious, and welcoming. Vikki connected her with a group of reseller friends who took Danielle under their wing and showed her the ropes. Four years later she has a store called Dynasty’s Fashion Boutique & More which sells women's clothing and beyond. Danielle is still a work in progress always willing to work and learn and gets by with the help of her amazing reseller friends.






    While serving in the U.S. Air Force and raising a family, Liz O’Kane fell in love with eBay and started selling in 2002. After retiring from the military in 2016, Liz decided to turn her passion from a side hustle into a full-time entrepreneurial venture, mastering eBay and expanding to 9 platforms with the help of List Perfectly. Liz is not only passionate about selling, but also in sharing her rich ecommerce experience with the community. You can now find Liz attending conferences like eBay Open, leading local seller meetups, mentoring up-in-coming sellers, sharing insights in various Facebook Groups and on her Instagram @ColoradoReWorn, and Key Speaking at Becoming Ebay to new employees!

    Selling has always been Doug’s passion, though for many years he sat on the “business side” as the Community Content Manager at eBay – aka “Doug@Ebay” a frequent host on the eBay Business Podcast. This began his journey of traveling the country to attend and speak at events including Content Marketing World 2018, Podcast Movement 2019, eBay Upfronts, Retail Revivals, and eBay Opens. Inspired by his travels and the wonderful sellers he got to know, Doug was finally able to join the community himself in 2020. In addition to selling, you can now find Doug producing, writing, consulting, hosting the podcast “Albums that Saved Us,” on his Istagram @snoop.dougie, and of course co-hosting the Seller Community Podcast with Liz!