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2022 BOSS Reseller Remix
Speakers & Presenters

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Katy & Vikki met at eBay Open 2017 where Katy received the eBay Shine Award and Vikki was making her presence known as a leader in the community with her signature pink hair. Soon after, they launched their YouTube channel where they weekly teach other sellers how to grow and succeed in their businesses.

Vikki has been selling on eBay for over 20 years, specializing in vintage clothing and hard goods. Katy has been selling for over 15 years, full-time as of 2016, her current focus being men's vintage streetwear. Combined, Vikki & Katy grossed over $350K in 2021 across seven different platforms.



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Entrepreneur/Community Leader

If it's red, she'll buy it. If it isn't nailed down, she'll sell it. If it has numbers, she'll spreadsheet it. If it's chocolate, she'll eat it. If she tells you to "shut up and list", she's saying she wants you succeed. And if she wants you to succeed, she'll be your biggest cheerleader. She's Theresa Cox.


Starting as a seller on eBay, Theresa has since expanded to several platforms, emerging as an innovator in the selling community. In 2017, she launched the BOSS - Business for Online Selling Success Facebook group, creating a positive space for like-minded small business owners to share knowledge and support each other.


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    Business Leader/Social Justice Advocate

    Dominique Hollins is the Founder and Connector-in-Chief of WĒ360 LLC, a boutique Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting firm that develops customized strategies for organizations that are committed to driving impact. With over 16 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and professional advocates, Dominique has become adept at community building for collective impact. Her expertise spans the technology and financial services industries including business operations, product and program development, brand engagement, data analysis, partnerships, community development, small business advocacy, tech entrepreneurship, and DEI planning and development.




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    Ryan & Alli are a husband and wife reselling team out of Florida. They started their business in 2015 by flipping stuff from garage sales. In the last 7 years they have grown their business into a 7-figure company with a focus on Whatnot, eBay, Instagram, Amazon & wholesale.

    They also have a YouTube channel with over 190,000 subscribers and Instagram with 59,000 followers where they document their journey and teach people how to grow their online businesses. Ryan & Alli have a passion for helping others succeed in reselling while making sure to still have fun and enjoy the journey. They love to travel and have been to 15+ countries together.

    Buy. Sell. Travel is the motto they live by.






    Josh and Hayley Varnell are a husband and wife team with over 300k subscribers on YouTube. Their videos are centered around reselling and they have documented their reselling journey in its entirety on the channel. In the last three years, Josh and Hayley have sold nearly $500,000 in used items on various online platforms but mainly focus on building their social media business.


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    Ken Gaitano was born and raised in the Philippines where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in Entrepreneurship. Ready for a change, Ken moved to America in 2013 and married his girlfriend, Jacy. Together they embarked on what would end up the adventure of their lifetime.

    Ken stumbled upon “Hustler Hacks” channel on YouTube. Watching Glen’s story, Ken soon realized with his love for shoes, he could turn selling on eBay into a lucrative business and now has over 14k sales there.

    Live auction selling on the Whatnot app has been their new endeavor. Eager to learn and discover new ways of selling, Ken is back traveling to sneaker events like SneakerCon to promote live auction selling at the Whatnot booth.





    Seller/Community Leader

    Trish's journey to eBay was an unusual one, from 15 years in the construction industry to a brick and mortar store to selling fashion online. eBay gave Trish the ability to take a failing consignment business and turn it into a six-figure viable, profitable, and workable business. Since then, reselling has given Trish the ability to expand and grow in ways she did not think were even possible. Giving back to the reselling community has now become a passion for her while still expanding her business. Trish has spoken at eBay Open Online, the Boss Reseller Remix, eBay new hire onboarding, a multitude of eBay meet-ups and attended eBay Upfronts, Poshfest, Posh & Sips, SBA classes, she has been a Seller Diversity Advocate for eBay and much more. As an expert in speaking the local Boston language, Beeah anyone?, she is invaluable as co-lead of the Wicked Smart eBay New England Sellers Group. Expanding her business, giving back to the community and having fun is now what Trish strives for.


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    Casey has been reselling since the summer of 2006 when he moved to Florida after living outside of Baltimore his entire life. He started on craigslist before there was even a "for sale" section, flipping small electronics, bikes, and toys for small profits to build his capital. In 2008 he discovered eBay and started selling online to maximize profits and grow his business. Casey expanded to Amazon in 2013, Poshmark in 2018, and Shopify in 2019. He has millions of dollars in sales, multiple six figure profits per year and a YouTube channel that follows his reselling business climbing to 120,000+ subscribers. Casey also runs a reselling Facebook group of over 125,000 members, an Instagram channel with 34,000+ followers and several other platforms that get millions of unique views a year & provide several other streams of income for his business.




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    The simple task of changing your mind or an idea after many years of one repetitive process should be considered a human super power. After working corporate for 11+ years with the mindset of retiring happily, Wade's mind changed with one random thought of entrepreneurship and with that, a new hero was born, Wades Ventures, an online business that allowed more time to enjoy life with what counts most family, friends, and more importantly, like-minded business owners.

    Now Wade has a purpose, a goal, and a vision. It’s time to build his dream. Along with branding himself on social media, Wade learned the craft of marketing, inspiring, and influencing. Making connections to help other business owners and himself through this journey is what Wade loves about having his own online business. Living life on his terms.



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    Danni Ackerman has been an eBay seller since 1998 but has been in the buying and selling world all her life! Selling online can come with so much confusion and unknowns. There is a lot of information out there and many times it's contradictory!
    Danni has been teaching others to sell for over a decade. She has the ability to break things down and make them easy to understand. Danni will show you how to develop your own inner voice and instinct on what to buy and what to leave on the shelf as you follow her as she hunts for high margin treasures at thrift stores, antique malls and estate sales and see the things that sell and for how much on her YouTube channel The Niche Lady.




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    I remember dragging my feet when my grandparents would say "we're going junkin'." What did that even mean? Well, it meant hitting every thrift store and estate sale known to man within a 100 mile radius. To a kid like myself, it was agonizing...but something was being instilled within me that would change my world forever. Now that I'm older, I have a passion for hunting antiques, collectibles, and high-end commodities...and more so I have an addiction to the mystery of it all! For the longest time, I sourced my resale items from thrift stores and yard sales, but transitioned most of my sourcing to storage auctions (which fuels my 60k subscriber YouTube channel, Man Vs Mystery, with the perfect mixture of entertainment and education) and have recently started dabbling in liquidation.
    I have been an seller on eBay since 2008, and an Amazon seller since 2018. I've also held several YouTube auctions and am currently operating a local auction house running solely on Facebook and marketed to local buyers.
    Who knows what treasured finds await in my future? I surely don't...But that storage unit sure does look full of mystery! Let's buy it and find out!



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    Jessica is the co-owner of Storage Warrior, a reselling business based in Vancouver, Canada. She’s also host of the brand new podcast The Business of Reselling – a podcast about scaling up your reselling business to 6 figures and beyond. She and her husband starting out buying at storage auctions and as the business grew, they started buying estates and large collections of comic books, toys and all kinds of vintage and collectibles. They’re obsessed with keeping cool stuff out of the trash, and Jessica loves applying her MBA background to improving her business while helping other resellers do the same. Jessica is a natural educator who moonlighted as a university professor and business consultant, but the opportunities in the world of reselling are where her passions truly lie and where she has the most fun! Storage Warrior was recognized as eBay Canada’s Micro Multi National Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 and again in 2020 as eBay Hall of Fame Inductees.




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    Co-Owners/Streetwear Sellers

    Jesse & Austin started helping their mother, Michele, with her eBay business when they were only six and four years old. By age 12, Jesse already had his own eBay store, beginning the groundwork of what was to come. The brothers joined forces and in 2016, Jesse & Austin hosted their first pop up, selling current and vintage streetwear. Yesterday's Fits, their brick and mortar shop, opened its doors in Las Vegas in 2017 and the rest is history. Jesse is an old soul with a love for vintage while Austin brings balance with his expertise in current streetwear trends. Now 26 and 24, Jesse & Austin have built an Instagram following of 36k, sell in their shop and on six online platforms, have formed partnerships with multi-million dollar brands, and each bought their first houses in the last year.



    Vintage & Thrift Vertical Lead

    Jack leads the Vintage & Thrift vertical at Whatnot, a livestreaming marketplace where you can buy, sell, go live, and geek out with collectors and other like-minded people. Jack acts as a liaison between the seller community and Whatnot's internal teams and coaches sellers how to grow their businesses. Jack also drives growth strategies for the apparel vertical, advocating for product improvements and coordinating marketing efforts. He has a background in fashion ecommerce and marketplace development.




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    Co-CEO & Founder

    Clara has always had a passion for selling for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in Argentina, Clara’s first “flip” was selling candy for a small profit in elementary and middle school. Clara’s passion was put on hold as she earned her law degree and became a practicing lawyer, but the constant economical instability in Argentina encouraged Clara to explore the world. During her time in the USA, Clara was forced to sell her most prized possessions – vintage clothing and jewelry inherited from her recently deceased mom. It broke her heart but awakened her passion for selling once again. When Amanda and Clara met and bonded over their shared love for selling, they quickly became a dynamic duo – sourcing the best inventory far and wide for their website and marketplace profiles. When Clara’s arthritis threatened her ability to bear the tedious listing process, Amanda and Clara knew they had to make a faster and easier way to crosspost... and just like that List Perfectly was born.



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    Co-CEO & Founder

    Amanda Morse has always seen challenges as opportunities. So when it came to creating List Perfectly, Amanda did what she does best – she jumped in with both feet. Amanda’s career began by serving as a US Marine Reservist to help finance her education at the University of Michigan. True to her entrepreneurial spirit, at this same time Amanda was working 3 other jobs and leading as President of her student housing co-op. After college she dove into the corporate world and found herself longing for more. Determined to be her own boss she started a business that ultimately turned into reselling full time. When Amanda and Clara met and bonded over their shared passion for reselling they quickly became a dynamic duo, sourcing the best inventory far and wide for their website and marketplace profiles. When Clara’s arthritis threatened their ability to list products, Amanda taught herself to code and created the solution we now call List Perfectly.




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    Sellers/Tiki Nuts

    Chris and Julie Brown have been selling on eBay for 26 years. In the beginning it was very on and off, mostly extra money for extra things or for travel. Julie has been full time for about 18 years, selling mostly thrifted items. She started doing Tiki about 6 years ago and now sells Tiki mugs and things on eBay or at live Tiki events. Chris helps with her store by listing cassettes, mini movie ads, Barney VHS and few others. She also loves hanging out with her eBay tribe! She may even help you find yours!
    Chris has been selling on eBay for 20+ years, full time for the last 7 years. He has his own eBay store where he exclusively sells used car and truck parts. Chris and Julie enjoy traveling the country visiting Tiki bars and friends from all over. He really enjoy meeting fellow resellers, especially over a Tiki drink!



    Kat is in charge of tech, product and advertising at Haulsale. She is a first-generation Russian-Canadian, a former fashion photographer, and a self-taught developer. She previously founded Shoott, a marketplace for on-demand photoshoots, as head of technology and marketing. She scaled that company to millions in revenue within 2 years and was acknowledged on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for her accomplishment.

    Her combined love of sustainability and designer fashion introduced her to resale as a consumer; for the last five years, she’s been exclusively buying her clothes second hand. After seeing a need for a dedicated, trusted marketplace for resellers to buy and sell in bulk within their community, she single-handedly designed and coded the Haulsale website, which launched earlier this year.


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    Emma manages operations and community at Haulsale. A web designer by training, she’s helped dozens of small-business owners create custom e-commerce sites across diverse industries. She’s also a lifelong thrifter and deep believer that reselling has the power to grow the circular economy and to create sustainable income for millions. She partnered with Kat, her friend from college and neighbor in Montreal, Quebec, to co-found Haulsale with the goal of expanding access to wholesaling for sellers of all kinds.

    Now she works with resellers to ensure that their Haulsale transactions go smoothly and that the platform is developed into a tool that reflects the unique needs of the community.

    Kat and Emma founded Haulsale as a place for resellers to buy and sell bulk inventory within a trusted community. Earlier this year, they saw a need for a marketplace platform specifically dedicated to resellers who want to deal in multi-item lots. Now they are on a mission to empower sellers to grow their businesses by expanding access to wholesaling.



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    Seller/Social Media Adventurer

    While serving in the US Air Force, Liz O'Kane fell in love with selling and buying on eBay. She made her first sale in 2002 and continued to sell part time until she retired from the military in 2016. Liz then turned her passion from a side hustle into a full-time entrepreneurial venture. She is not only passionate about selling, but also in sharing her rich e-commerce experience with our reseller community. She is active in a variety of reseller Facebook groups, is an admin of the BOSS FB group and helps run her local meet up group for in person events. Liz has made appearances on the eBay For Business podcast and was a co-host on The Seller Community Podcast. She is involved with helping connect eBay with our selling community by sharing her experience with new eBay employees at "Becoming eBay" summits. In 2020, Liz was one of 50 small business owners to be awarded eBay's Up & Running Grant, was selected to represent eBay during Women's Small Business month by sharing her reselling journey to over 15 national media outlets. In 2021, she interviewed eBay's CEO, Jaime Iannone, for eBay Open Online.

    Liz can be found sharing different parts of her selling journey on Instagram and TikTok. She is @coloradoreworn across all platforms.


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    Mikey has built a successful reselling business in the span of four years. He began reselling after suffering an injury at work, and found that it gave him the freedom to be his own boss. He sells a variety of thrifted goods on eBay and other platforms.

    In 2021 Mikey was asked to speak at the Reseller Remix on a panel of local resellers. The panel included an experienced seller, a seller with moderate experience, and the new seller, Mikey. Mikey is honored to be back this year. Mikey set a goal before the 2021 Remix to take a selfie with everyone, and he came close. He's looking forward to meeting as many as possible this year.

    In 2022 he's been focusing on growing his YouTube channel, Mikey Bags of Money. The channel follows Mikey and his friends as they thrift, eat, and enjoy the Las Vegas lifestyle. Entertaining and making people laugh has always been a passion of Mikey's, and he's having a ball sharing his antics on YouTube. You can interact with Mikey every Friday as he livestreams from in Vegas.


    MI 80 BABY 

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    Seller/Storage Pirate

    The sense of nostalgia runs strong in this Michigan-born-in-80-baby! It just took me a couple decades of bumbling through mediocre jobs to fully appreciate, embrace, and start making money off of it! I graduated with an associates in foodservice management because I didn’t know what else to do and I knew restaurant life. I spent the next 15 years in the industry in a few different roles, my favorite being event coordinator. Probably because I was the bossiest boss!
    Reselling came out of a job shift I made after being burned out by a horrible grocery management position; I became an in home personal chef. Around the same time period, I started attending estate sales for unique finds for our own home. Turns out I had a knack and started flipping things on Craigslist for extra money. Took a ‘leap first look later’ approach, and started selling on eBay in the summer of 2016. It took me literal years to build the discipline to do the work I knew I needed done the most, list! Six years later I’m selling on five platforms (including LIVE say whaaaatnot), making more per year than I ever have for anyone else, with lofty six figures goals for 2022! The friends I’ve made in the community are the only reason I’m still a reseller, let alone a successful one.





    Vice President, Fashion

    Charis Márquez is eBay’s Vice President of Fashion, leading eBay’s development and expansion as a premier luxury ecommerce platform. In this role, her mission is to unlock new online growth, innovations in ecommerce and revenue-generating opportunities across high-passion style categories like sneakers, watches and handbags. Since joining eBay in 2021, she has spearheaded multiple groundbreaking digital experiences in luxury, including Authenticity Guarantee, NFC tags and 3D TrueView. Before eBay, Charis served as Vice President, Sales Effectiveness at Levi Strauss & Co., as well as headed their ecommerce merchandising for its Americas region. Prior to Levi’s, Charis served in roles of increasing ecommerce responsibility and leadership at renowned organizations like Sears, Kmart and Sam’s Club.

    Charis holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a Bachelors of Arts in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland.



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    Seller/Aspiring Ringmaster

    Danica Gowan, owner of Lady Luck Junk - Remarket in Fort Worth, Texas, made a career change in 2018 to become a full-time reseller. She began in her garage and through the support of her family, by the end of 2019 grew into a 2000 sq ft warehouse to operate the business. The most essential part of Danica's business model includes reminding others to keep everything fun! Over the last few years sourcing from estate auctions, storage units, and thrift stores, Danica has totally fallen for the Goodwill Outlet. The reselling of second-hand items purchased by the pound brings her joy and profit. When not listing & shipping, you will find her traveling the road, exploring nature, meeting other resellers, or digging in "the bins". “ Freedom and Fun” fuel her “Hustle and Grind” The BOSS Resellers and reselling community play a huge part in her success and dedication to building her “P.T. Barnumesque dreams”, where Lady Luck Junk is heading in the future.






    Stewart started his reselling journey in middle school, hustling blow-pops and brownies to his classmates. 35 years later he is a full-time reseller of antique and vintage items across multiple platforms (with help from his wife Amy). Stewart has 3 antique booths in Knoxville and sells on 6 platforms: eBay, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, Depop, and FBM. Stewart started doing online auctions on WhatNot which has quickly become his favorite platform for selling. Always seeking new revenue streams, Stewart and Amy created the Franklin Hill Farms line of pickles, salsa, preserves, and butters which are sold at the antique booths, festivals, and recently on WhatNot. Stewart keeps FHV active on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. FHV has experienced 3 straight years of 40%+ YOY growth with 2022 looking to be his best year ever. Things learned, the relationships made, and the overall motivation he took away from the 2021 Boss Reseller Remix were a key component to the 2022 growth and can’t wait to share his story!


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    Host Extraordinaire

    A familiar and friendly face and voice in the eBay Community for over a quarter of a century, Griff started working for eBay in 1996 as their first customer support rep. Since then, he has worn many hats including Manager of Training for Customer Support, eBay Media Spokesperson, Lead instructor for the eBay University program, host of eBay Radio and currently, as Editor in Chief and host of the eBay for Business podcast. Over the last 26 years, he’s had the pleasure of assisting thousands of sellers starting and running a business on the world’s most powerful marketplace.


    Griff will be bringing the eBay for Business Podcast to the 2022 BOSS Reseller Remix to connect with and interview sellers from near and far!


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